The serial comms justs works -- connect your PC at 9600 and power-up the board and you'll see a sign-on message.WiFly Ver 2.21, 07-11-2010MAC Addr=00:06:66:13:cc:25Creating ADhoc networkADhoc on Wifly-GSX-25 chan=1*READY*Adhoc was a bit trickier -- and no doubt we may be a little confused, but it seems like the Wifly prefers to connect to an existing Adhoc network, rather than creating one by itself. We had some grief setting up Adhoc on our Ubuntu laptop -- it worked, but seemed to drop out fairly often. Windows 7 worked fine. This needs further investigation, but is a separate issue from the Wifly so we are ignoring that for now.Set up the adhoc network as Wifly-GSX-NN, where NN is the last two digits of your Wifly module's MAC address.Next, you need to pull-up GPIO-9 to 3.3 volts, so that the Wifly will choose Adhoc on power-up. Then just watch the 9600 serial and you'll see it immediately sign up to the adhoc network on power-up.Connected via Ad-Hoc on Wifly-GSX-25Using Static IPIF=UPDHCP=ONIP= on 2000Telnet to port 2000 and you can keyboard back and forth between your telnet connection and your serial connection.