ThingSpeak is a neat way to store all kinds of data online.Here's a modification of Chris's nifty cpu app to track disk space instead.# modify Chris's cpu monitor to display disk space instead.# httplib, urllib, time, osimport timeAPI_KEY="mykey"def doit(): s = os.statvfs("/") diskfree = s.f_bavail params = urllib.urlencode({'field1': diskfree, 'key':API_KEY}) headers = {"Content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded","Accept": "text/plain"} conn = httplib.HTTPConnection("") conn.request("POST", "/update", params, headers) response = conn.getresponse() print response.status, response.reason data = conn.close()# update once an hourwhile True: doit() time.sleep(60*60)~ ~ ~ 1,1 All