It didn't take long to run out of room. I'm gonna try a thumbdrive as rootfs. If that isn't enough then I'll go with an external usb drive.But first I'm gonna switch from the jffs2 to the squashfs which may work out better if/when I need to unplug the thumbdrive or have a problem with the thumbdrive.Oops, I'm missing a module or two from the squashfs so I'll redo the 'make menuconfig'. I am following this guide about using a thumbdrive as root filesystem.Part of the trouble -- I was trying to mix pre-packaged modules from the default internet download site, with my custom-built kernel/squash image - this would be OK, except my kernel version is newer than the one used by the download site. I may just set up my own (local) site to serve up my packages that I built. Or I can just manually copy over the packages I need. So, I may not really need to keep re-building the system every time I run into a missing kernel module.Ok adding a couple of missing modules to the squashfs and now the pivot-root to the usb thumbdrive is working. Now I can move on to adding snort and maybe dansguardian to this new router.But first I ran opkg update and then opkg install luci # the web maintenence interface, then /etc/init.d/uhttp startThen opkg install python # just for fun